In Turkey, all vehicles have a set of vehicle registration documents which must be in the vehicle at all times, otherwise the Turkish government police will issue a fine to the owner of the car. 

The vehicle registration documents include details of the specification of the vehicle, ownership details, traffic insurance and other insurance details. These registration documents will be given to the customer by the car hire company when the vehicle hire commences. 

The customer must be qualified to drive vehicles in groups A, C, D and must be at least 21 years old. The customer must hold a national or international driving license valid for a minimum of one year. This valid licence must be carried at all times by the driver when using the vehicle in Turkey. There is no requirement for foreign drivers to obtain or produce a translation of their national driving license. 

All the vehicles have compulsory traffic insurance and collision damage waiver (CDW). Please note that the insurance policy only covers the vehicle and does not cover any personal items inside the car. In addition, damage caused to the vehicle by misuse, drink driving, or gross negligence is not covered by the terms of the insurance. 

In the event of the vehicle being involved in an accident, including injury or serious damage, the hire vehicle must not be moved from the accident location and the accident must be reported to the police and our company immediately! 

You must report to the nearest police station immediately to report an accident and submit an alcohol breath test to ensure the insurance remains valid. If you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs the law in Turkey states that the driver is deemed to be 100% responsible for any accident or injury sustained. If this is the case then the insurance would automatically become void. 

The accident must be reported within 48 hours to the police or the collision damage waiver (CDW) is void, and the driver would then become 100% responsible for the payment of damages to the vehicle. 

In the event that the vehicle keys are lost by the customer or stolen, there will be a charge to pay for a replacement set of keys by the customer. As all the vehicle keys are equipped with an immobiliser system this can be costly to replace and will also take time to be manufactured. To avoid this inconvenience customers are advised to take extreme care of keys and to ensure these are returned with the car. 

The customer will be charged for the cost of any mechanical damage, repairs, and transportation costs in the event that the fuel tank is filled with the wrong type of fuel. 

If the customer was to lose the vehicle registration documents for any reason, the customer would become responsible for any costs incurred to replace these documents, and also for any costs for the days the vehicle will be unavailable to hire out to other customers due to there being no registration. 

In Turkey the alcohol consumption limit for driving is ZERO. Breath tests are routinely carried out by the police immediately following any road traffic accident, and also randomly when the police feel necessary. 

If you park in a no parking zone or over a pedestrian crossing, you will receive an 'on the spot' fine and your vehicle may be towed away. Please use car parks where available and be vigilent when looking for no parking zones if you choose to park on the side of the road. 

Listed below are the general speed limits in Turkey. In case of roadworks, local variations may apply. 

Within town and city limits: 50 Km/h. All roads outside city limits, including main carriageways: 90Km/h. Highways (motorway, auto route, autobahn): 120Km/h. Fiat Doblo & Minibus speed limits: 80Km/h 

If the customer was to incur a traffic speed penalty during the course of the rental period, the customer is 100% responsible for paying any fines or tickets. 

In Turkey, traffic check points are often set up and the police are known to do frequent random speed and vehicle document checks. If you are directed to stop by the police, stay in the car and produce the vehicle registration, your driving licence and the car rental documents immediately. 

When you collect your vehicle from the pre-selected point in Marmaris, Dalaman, Dalyan, Fethiye, Gocek, Datca or Sarigerme then you automatically agree to return the vehicle to this same point. If you require the drop off point to be different to the collection point it is highly likely that there will be additional charges to pay. 

Only the driver or drivers included on the rental agreement are insured to drive the vehicle. If anyone else was to drive the vehicle whose names are not stated on the rental document the company would not be held responsible for any incidents, and the insurance may become void for the other driver(s) . 

The vehicle should be returned to the drop off point with the same amount of fuel in the tank as on collection to avoid excess fuel charges. 

The vehicles are rented on an unlimited kilometer basis. Minimum rental period is 1 day. 

Minimum period of rental on a long term basis is 1 month. Rates and conditions must be negotiated through our company. 

Payment is due when the rental agreement is signed, on collection of the vehicle. The vehicle can also be delivered by the rental company to a specified pre-arranged collection point. Payment will be taken in cash. 

If the vehicle is returned after the agreed drop off time, one third of the daily rental charge will be added as a fine for each excess hour (up to two hours). If the delay exceeds 2 hours, the full daily rental charge will be due. 

Should you wish to extend the hire period, notification must be given to the company at least 48 hours prior to the end of the initial hire agreement to avoid any disappointment, as the vehicle may have been allocated to a new customer. Full payment is required by cash at the time of rental.